Mark Wahlberg vs. Darren Clarke: Who shanked it better?

Fore! Shankopatamus on the tee. I mean, in the grand tradition of Webb Simpson, who doesn’t love it when a pro shanks it?

This is the very real reminder that the game can bring even its most adept players to their knees, making them look like first time hackers at the driving range, firing a thunderbolt of agonizing confusion right to the core of their very beings.

In this spirit then, we at CLICKON were thrilled to be treated to not one, but two glorious hosel rockets in the past two days. And even better: celebrity humiliation! Mark “How did I ever become a leading man?” Wahlberg sniped one during the pro-am of the Waste Management Phoenix Open. (fast forward to 5:30)

Then, vanquished Ryder Cup captain Darren Clarke, who is really just golfing as a business venture at this point, tried to go Full Mickelson on a flop shot in Dubai. You never go Full Mickelson in Dubai, as DC found out with this horrorshow. Shank you very much, indeed!

Darren took the shot in his stride, and even found the time to school an irritating Twitter upstart.

So, in the spirit of great academic debate, which shank was more entertaining? You can make a strong case for either, but we’re giving the edge to Marky Mark thanks to the extraordinary douchery of the fact that’s he’s sponsored by Travis Mathew on the golf course…and isn’t a professional golfer.

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