Darren Clarke claps back at Twitter critic with perfect question

The newest development of professional golfers responding to Twitter trolls, is previous European Ryder Cup Captain, Darren Clarke.

In this country, where freedom of speech is frequently practiced, the disgruntled fan turns to Twitter to express their anger for whatever they are angry about that day. Seems like no one can keep things to themselves these days, right?

We all know that Tiger Woods is back playing professional golf, but with his disappointing return at the Farmers Insurance Open, many are less than impressed. These people have clearly never played on Tour before, and should realize that after two extensive back surgeries, that Woods would not just snap back to his former glory.

Source: SkySports
Source: SkySports

A Twitter account that is used to track every shot Tiger makes, was flooded with sarcastic responses, one of them in particular catching Clarke’s eye (besides the fact that he was tagged). Someone responded to the account saying “He’s back” in what must have been a blow to his opening 77.

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It was Robert Lusetich’s response though that brought Clarke into the discussion. This man wrote a book on a year in the life of Tiger when his scandal came to light (not the best rep to have with pros) and took a crack at the two who both struggled on the first day of the Dubai Desert Classic.

Darren Clarke opened with a 75, only carding 2 points less than Tiger. Clarke took the opportunity to clap back with a vengeance, asking the perfect question.

Can’t really respond to that because the answer is clearly none. This isn’t the first time professionals have turned on the haters, instead of ignoring them, and I think it’s great. It may show a bit of arrogance but how else will these people realize that they are just subsidiaries in the world of pros.

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