Brandel Chamblee just won’t shut up about Tiger Woods

Sure, you could say the same about us, but Brandel Chamblee has this air of arrogance about him that just doesn’t sit well with me.

He sits on his high horse, or Golf Channel pedestal, and spews his opinions about the pros. It was Rory McIlroy last week and it’s on to Tiger Woods this week.

According to Chamblee, Tiger does not look like he’s in good shape and in fact looks like an old man.

“I look at Tiger, and I can’t help but think he looks like an old man. He looks like the oldest … 41-year-old man in the history of the game. I saw him getting out of the bunker on the first hole and he was standing very stiff and upright as he was getting out of the bunker, and he looked like he was walking around protecting an issue that he wasn’t speaking to. That’s very much what it looked like to me.”

This coming from a 54-year-old. What does Chamblee, a failed PGA Tour player, know that Tiger doesn’t? He may be knowledgable about swings, but sometimes he abuses his platform for his own amusement.

He continued to comment on Tiger’s swing saying it’s slow and lacks vitality.

“But, you know, this golf swing is a remnant of the golf swing he had seven years ago; and in my opinion, what he was doing almost seven years ago causes the injuries. … It was injurious seven years ago, and I still think it’s injurious today.”

Rory may have told No Laying Up that he thinks “he does talk a lot of sense”, but I just can’t get over how cocky he sounds. You think Tiger would have talked with doctors and physical therapists and swing analysts before jumping back into the game. If they thought his “new” swing was going to be detrimental to his back, they would have told him.

He doesn’t need a former pro telling him and the world (or whoever watches golf), that he thinks his swing will cause him more injury. Was it his workouts or his swing that caused his downfall? Make up your mind, Chamblee.

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