Brandel Chamblee, of course, has a ridiculous explanation for Tiger Woods’ back spasms

The Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee and his 1978 haircut have cashed in on criticizing Tiger Woods in recent years.

No surprise, then, BC kept the Critical Takes Express barreling ahead after Tiger’s withdrawal from the Dubai Desert Classic with back spasms.

One of the few voices of reason and non-beholden truth tellers in the golfspace, Chris Solomon of No Laying Up, appropriately fired up the Ray Lewis gif in expectation of Chamblee’s turn at the desk.

Anyway, a day after saying Woods looked like an “old man” (odd coming from someone totally prematurely gray), Chamblee had this to say about the Big Cat.

“It’s clear to me that he’s causing himself further harm with his golf swing. He might play another 10 years, but I just don’t see it if he doesn’t change his golf swing.”

Pardon? The swing is doing the damage? Didn’t Tiger just say he was trying to “swing away from pain” and not cause damage with his action? Ah, that’s right. You would know better, Brandel.

After remarkably conceding Woods is “already the greatest player this game has ever seen”, Chamblee added “This may be the end of his career. We don’t know.”

Damn. Why can’t it be the end of yours, Brandel? Grab Bailey Mosier, hop into your golf cart and ride off into that Arizona sunset.

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