Steph Curry has a suggestion on how to replicate the 16th hole for himself

Steph Curry is a scratch golfer that takes the game almost as seriously as his basketball career. No doubt he would be at the Waste Management Open if he didn’t have to be on the courts.

He couldn’t contain his jealousy, knowing Mark Wahlberg and fellow athletes Michael Phelps and Jerry Rice were getting to experience the famous 16th hole. For someone who loves golf, this is a hard event to miss.. I would know. ANYWAYS.

Curry turned to Twitter to divulge an idea he had on how to recreate the hole for himself.

While the slogan for the arena is “Strength in Numbers” I have also seen banners that have referenced their loud and proud Warriors. Seems like the perfect place to replicate the loudest hole in golf, as both have a capacity to seat about 20,000 roaring fans.

Plus I think they’d let their MVP do anything he wanted. I mean, the guy can do no wrong on the courts, might as well grant him this one request.

Make it happen Oracle.

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