Steven Bowditch arrested for DUI; played later that day

Steven Bowditch is one of the most underrated golfers on the PGA Tour, not necessarily for his skill but for his sheer IDGAF attitude. 

Case and point: Bowditch was arrested by Scottsdale police at 1:10AM for Extreme Driving Under the Influence. Not just a DUI but an EXTREME DUI. This is classified (by the Arizona DMV) as driving with a BAC of 0.15% or higher. Penalties for a first offense for extreme DUI may include 30 days in jail and a fine of at least $2,500.


According to police, the vehicle, a courtesy car of the event, sat through two green traffic signals without moving. The 33-year-old had to be woken up by the arresting officer and blew a 0.20, well over the Arizona’s limit of 0.08.

He bonded out of jail early Friday morning and by Friday afternoon he was playing in the second round of the Waste Management Open. Of course the PGA Tour was aware of the incident but told Golf Digest they had no comment at this time.

You have to give this guy some credit for not only spending the night in jail but for playing in a tournament the same day he was released. If that’s not the most renegade behavior, I don’t know what is. Not condoning DUI, but I can’t overlook the bad-assery that took place afterwards.

Steven Bowditch isn’t the only golfer who likes to hit the sauce. He’s just the only one that drove around after like an idiot, and got caught.

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