The evolution of Dubai in one incredible picture

Once a mere Middle East transport hub, oil was discovered in Dubai in the late 1960s. The city took off like a racing camel across the desert.

That’s a “camel racing camel,” to be clear. A popular regional sport, which, if you’re unfamiliar with, you need to stop reading this article and educate yourself right now.

Here’s a video for your edification.

Anyway, you golf-loving grandfather probably likes to remark about how the city “was practically conjured out of the desert.” Well, grandpa ought to print out this photo and carry it with him to bolster his point (obviously, he doesn’t have an Instagram to pull it up on…Hell, he’s probably living that #FlipPhoneLife).

Check out this Instagrammery from the European Tour, which has been contesting the Desert Classic at Emirates Golf Club since 1989.

26 years in Dubai…

A photo posted by European Tour (@europeantour) on

Holy hell! Look what all that black gold can buy. The Burj Khalifa and its towering friends dominate the skyline where once there was only, well…sky and lines. Certainly, Dubai represents many things to many people. If you’re a pro golfer, it represents $$$$. There’s no doubt, however, that the capital of the Emirate of Dubai is a shimmering testament to human industry.

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