Tiger Woods’ friend denies rumour that he’s “been lifting weights 2X per day”

One popular line of criticism of Tiger Woods is that his military-inspired, heavy weight workouts adversely affected his body, particularly his back.

A variety of this general critique has emerged in the wake of Woods’ back spasm-related withdrawal in Abu Dhabi. Reports suggest that he’s lifting too much weight and working out too intensely. I struggle to see how this could be the case, given the fragility of his dorsal region.

Here’s this from No Laying Up, who, with all due respect, would never label themselves as a legitimate news source.

Whilst I’d advise you take this with a grain of salt, credence should be given to an account with a proven track record. Not only have No Laying Up hosted the likes of Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy, they’ve also predicted several trending stories in the past few months. They’re clearly in the know when it comes to happenings on Tour.

Tour insiders: Billy Horschel and Jordan Spieth show off their "No Laying Up" apparel. (Source/Twitter).
Tour insiders: Billy Horschel and Jordan Spieth show off their “No Laying Up” apparel. (Source/Twitter).

One of Tiger’s best pals was there to refute the claims. These words from former Stanford teammate Notah Begay III:

“I’ve worked out at his house in his home gym, and it’s dramatically different,” Begay said on Golf Central. “It’s less intense, more focused on stability to certain areas. I don’t think there’s many athletes that could have come back from something like this, and to be where he’s at in this entire process is a positive.”

“You have to do a re-evaluation of, ‘What am I capable of?'” Begay said. “‘What are my thresholds, and what are we going to do to make adjustments moving forward?’ And I think that’s where we are right now.”

We? I don’t think there’s a “we,” Notah. Anyway, there you have it from someone who knows (or at least is paid and employed as such). Unfortunately for Brandel Chamblee–a man who seems pathologically incapable of accepting a golfer’s need to exercise–Tiger isn’t squatting 1,000 pounds. But the rumour mill still churns.

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