Tiger Woods: “I’ll never feel great again”

Tiger Woods. The golf legend and now enigma, who just doesn’t know when to quit. After multiple back and knee surgeries, Woods is still trying to play the game.

After playing in a full competitive field, Woods’ comeback seemed promising, that is until he withdrew from the Dubai Desert Classic with reports of back spasms.

Woods spoke to former R&A chief executive Peter Dawson in a video interview for Dubai’s Vision Magazine at the Burj Al Arab hotel, saying:

“I feel good, not great. I don’t think I will ever feel great because it’s three back surgeries, four knee operations. I’m always going to be a little bit sore. As long as I can function, I’m fine with that.”

There was a point in Tiger’s life where he could not function at all, saying that he was bed ridden from the pain he was experiencing. Compared to that, being able to swing a golf club at all probably seems like a huge accomplishment.

“There was a lot of dark times where I couldn’t get out of bed, couldn’t move, the pain was too great.

It definitely is a huge step forward, especially competing at all when nerve damage can be debilitating, but that’s what the surgeries were for. To hear that he’s having spasms again though, is concerning.

While Tiger’s motivation is inspirational, you have to wonder if he’s pushing too hard. He had his day in the sun, and even set up the field for others to have the same, but when is enough, enough? There have been speculations about his workout routine, but I think he’s just not ready to give up.

“If I’m teeing it up the goal is to win it and that doesn’t change whether I’m injured, coming off an injury or playing well or I’m playing poorly. If I am in the event it’s to win the event.”

This has always been his outlook and is part of what has made him so successful in the past, but it only seems like it’s hurting him now. It’s great that he’s optimistic, but should he be?

These people would say no..

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