Grayson Murray’s apology for acting like a child at Pebble Beach is a model for us all

Thus far in his career as a professional golfer, Grayson Murray has achieved notoriety for a strong performance in the Tour Playoffs by virtue of which he earned his PGA Tour card for 2017…and for doing the aforementioned without a front tooth.

(Photo source/Twitter)

Before we get to the substance of this article, the matter of the missing tooth. Murray told the tale to last year.

“I bit into a chicken leg, the week before the (Rex Hospital Open) and I pulled it out on the way to Greenville. It was kind of hanging there and I pulled it out. I didn’t have a tooth for a few weeks, then had a flipper made for me (a retainer-like piece with one fake tooth). But I talked with a lisp and I didn’t like it. So I’m rocking the no-tooth.”

Murray has made three of six cuts this season, but he had a disastrous performance at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, missing the cut by six strokes and failing to break par at any of the tournament’s three courses.

Now, with all eyes trained on another Murray (Bill) it’s unlikely Grayson garnered much attention at the coastal California venue. But apparently, young Grayson was a very bad boy, judging from this confessional tweet.


Unfortunately, we don’t have any footage of Grayson Murray “cussing out loud, slamming clubs and acting like a child” to marvel at. But you have to respect his honesty and accountability. Especially in this bit of ownership-taking: “I missed the cut this week…because of a negative attitude”

Murray’s concluding sentence in the notepad tweet is worth filing away in your own inspirational text file: “Life isn’t about what happens to you, it’s about how you reach to what happens to you.”

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