How a Cleveland putter saved a Florida man’s life

If you’ve golfed in Florida, you’ve seen your fair share of gators on the golf course. Well this Florida resident was attacked and escaped with his life thanks to his Cleveland putter.

Source: WPTV
Source: WPTV

Tony Aarts, a member of Magnolia Landing Golf & Country Club at Fort Myers, came face to face with a 10ft alligator.

“As I was walking about five to six feet away from the water I heard a splash, and as soon as I heard that splash I knew it was an alligator, and he got me.”

“I remember having a club in my hand, and as soon as he had me in the water up to my waist, I started hitting him over the head. I seen the size of him, you know you can just see the claws as he was pulling me back and I’m heeling in trying to go the other way and he’s just looking at me and I’m looking at him.

So I started hitting him in the eye socket, I hit him 3 times and he let go of my foot. so I crawled back and by that time the guys… they were there.”

It was a good thing he had his putter, or he might not have made it through the ordeal. Cleveland should monetize on this, “the putter that saves lives” is a great tagline.

Aarts ended up in the hospital with a few puncture wounds, but he still lives to tell the tale. State wildlife officials ended up going back to the scene and putting down the gator.

The gator is with Chubbs now.


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