This most famous golf clubs in history include some seriously ugly putters just compiled a dubious curation of the 18 most famous golf clubs in history. 

Rather than debating the merits of the nearly 20 clubs the staffers selected for inclusion, we, the more superficial here at CLICKON are going to focus on something else.

Namely, several of the “greatest clubs” are avert-your-eyes-awful putters. Fugly flatsticks…just horrendous.

Seriously, there seems to be a principal at work here: Pretty much aside from Tiger Woods’ classically beautiful Scotty Cameron Newport 2, the uglier your putter, the better it works. Remember that next time you’re thinking about buying a new weapon. Buy something like this:

(Photo source/GolfWRX forums)
(Photo source/GolfWRX forums)

Now for the monstrosities…

Jack Nicklaus’ “White Fang”

(Photo source/Jack Nicklaus Museum)

Nicklaus used this hideous putter to capture the 1967 U.S. Open at Baltusrol. In a classic case of taking something bad and making it worse, Nicklaus elected to paint a standard Acushnet Bullseye putter white, making it look more like something you’d pick up at the counter at Putt-Putt than a premium putter.

Jack’s MacGregor Response

(Photo source/Twitter)
(Photo source/Twitter)

The big boy. Jack Nicklaus’ MacGregor Response made it into the Golden Bear’s bag for the 1986 Masters, a tournament he had no reasonable expectation of winning. Why not pick up a putter that looks like it came from the bargain bin at Kmart? On of the largest blade ever seen on the PGA Tour, it’s the oversized remote of putters.

Nick Price’s Zebra putter

(Photo source/Twitter)
(Photo source/Twitter)

It was one of the first mallet putters on Tour when Nick Price put it in the bag in 1994. It was also one of the ugliest. I mean, what in the actual hell is this thing? It looks like something from a kid’s starter set or a painted gray clay craft project. Or a rock on a stick.

The craziest thing is that these putters were all used on Tour, by professionals. How these clubs made it onto the course is beyond me.

These putters would never be allowed at these overly expensive golf courses..

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