Pro golfer pulls off one of the luckiest shots we’ve ever seen

Professional golfers are praised for their talent and finesse on the golf course, but sometimes you get those moments where they are probably just as surprised as you are at what they can pull off.

Jose Maria Olazabal, two time Masters Champion, made his debut on the PGA Champions Tour this week at the Allianz Championship. Clearly Olazabal is a player, with two green jackets hanging in his closet, but even he couldn’t help thinning out of a green side bunker.

After pushing the ball way past the hole, the ball miraculously bounced off of the grand stand and landed perfectly on the green. If there was ever a time to call a professional golfer Harry Putter, this would be the time.

Off the grandstand, on the green. Rookie Jose Maria Olazabal didn’t plan it, but he’ll take it. @allianzchampionship

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This kind of stuff just doesn’t happen anywhere else. They say “these guys are good” but in reality, there wouldn’t be a grandstand on a normal day at the golf course to save your awful bunker shot. Olazabal got lucky, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you’ve got a tent to work with, use it.

While one golfer is getting lucky, another golfer, a special someone you know as John Daly, is throwing tantrums. Finally, Daly brought his tantrums to the Champions Tour, something they probably don’t see much of as the players are all 50 plus.

He ended up throwing his putter into a nearby lake in what was seen as a tantrum, but apparently Daly said it was an accident.

‘If I throw a putter, it’s going to be in two pieces, not one. And it’s going to be 50 yards in the lake, not 5.’

John Daly

The two-time major champion said his sciatic nerve was acting up and he probably shouldn’t have played and ended up withdrawing after the seventh hole. While walking off the green, he flipped the putter over his shoulder to his caddie, who wasn’t watching, and the club went into the water.

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Has Big John gone soft on us? Hopefully not, but either way it’s been an exciting week for the PGA Champions Tour which is usually devoid of such renegade behavior.

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