Finally, a new golf movie is coming to the big screen

The breadth of golf movies is far and few between. Besides the ever popular Happy Gilmore, Tin Cup, Caddyshack, and The Greatest Game Ever Played, there hasn’t been a decent golf movie since 2005.

It only took over a decade to come out with a decent golf movie, or so we hope. Swing Away is the name of the film, which focuses on a female golfer (already a good start) who has a mental breakdown and has to return to Greece to take step back and regroup.

Of course she meets a little girl who she takes under her wing to teach her the game (and fall in love with her father). It wouldn’t be a good movie without some cheesy romance, am I right? Anyways, the big plot twist is they have to compete (another obvious plot development) for the right to their hometown against a business mogul, played by John O’Hurley, who wants to turn it into a golf resort.

OK, so this may not appeal to the masses the way Happy Gilmore did, with its punchy jokes and crude humor, but this female empowering golf movie has potential. If anything it’s a way to grow the game for young girls. It reminds me a bit of the new Audi commercial, that empowers fathers to be proud of their daughters and lift them up beyond the “good for a girl” stigma.

The first 15 seconds of the trailer has a tantrum on the green, so at least there’s that! Swing Away will be hitting the big screen come March.

But wait, what’s this.. ANOTHER golf movie is coming out this year? Yes. Tommy’s Honour is set to make it’s debut on screens April 14th, the Friday after the Masters. Strategic, I think so.

This movie has a much more cinematic feel, with the telling of the true story of Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris, the Scottish father-son duo who are credited for helping found the modern game of golf.

Now this is a movie that’s destined to sit on shelves beside The Greatest Game Ever Played and Miracle. The fact that two golf movies are coming to theatre’s within a month of one another is astounding.

One to leave you with a sense of empowerment and the other to leave a lasting impact.

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