Rae Sremmurd is making golf great again with his new music video

Rae Sremmurd just dropped a new music video for his song Swang, and it is the epitome of millennial golfers in their element.

Keg stands, golf cart donuts, joints, and cash money. All of the essentials for a great round of golf.

Sremmurd presents golf in its pure form, not the kind you see on the PGA Tour twitter, but the way that the average golfer embraces it. Sure, you may not bring a keg with you to every round, but there will be beers. You may not bring all of your rolling essentials, but a lot of people bring bud on to the course. Mix those two together and some golf cart drifting and betting will happen. It may not be talked about, but we all know what goes on.

Can we take a moment to appreciated Sremmurd and his portrayal of women. He has the women in this music video actually dressed APPROPRIATELY. They have decent length skirts on, paired with polos, turtle necks, and sweaters. Bravo.

Plus they even interact with the “stuffy” old men and women at whatever country club this music video is taking place at. Their interactions show that the older crowd on the golf course may not be as stuck up as the stereotype paints them to be. Of course they’ve got stacks on stacks, or so portrayed here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some men hold wads of cash in their pockets on the golf course.

Basically, the real representation of golf in this music video is refreshing and extremely entertaining. I wouldn’t be surprised if this made non golfers want to pick up a club! So, thanks Rae Sremmurd, for your part in growing the game and making golf great again.

Anyone notice the tricked out golf carts?

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