Hideki Matsuyama’s disappointment at hitting the flagstick is ridiculous

Hang your head in shame, Hideki Matsuyama!

There’s an argument to be made for expecting perfection on every shot, if you’re a professional golfer. Of course, there’s also the “focus on the process” and “detach from outcomes” school of sports psychology.

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Regardless, we’ve seen some extremely disappointed reactions to relatively high-quality shots from Hideki Matsuyama over the past couple of years. But this reaction at the par-3 16th hole at Riviera during the second round of the Northern Trust Open is the Full Matsuyama.

Now, the party line on this one is something like, “Jeez, Hideki! Are you disappointed by anything other than a hole in one?” But really, as a couple of replies to the PGA Tour’s tweet are right to point out, the Japanese phenom was probably disappointed by a mishit (hitting it a groove low or some such) that would have resulted in the ball carrying beyond the green, had it not hit the flagstick.

And again, if you’re a golfer who fixates on the process and not the results, a mishit is a mishit, even if it hits the flagstick. Just another reminder that high performers: they’re not like us.

While this may seem like a disappointed reaction, let’s just say it’s just a really bad celebration. Take a look at some of the worst celebration faces on Tour:

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