Grayson Murray savagely calls Bryson DeChambeau out on Twitter

Shots fired! The Golfing Scientist better grab his Kangol cap and duck ‘n cover! Grayson Murray is fully cocked and taking no prisoners.

The eclectic and divisive Bryson DeChambeau withdrew from the second round of the Genesis Open with injury. The WD is the latest development in an uninspired 2017 campaign from the single-length irons aficionado. And compounding matters, it seems like a few of his peers have doubts about the legitimacy of Bryson’s hand injury.

Grayson Murray, whose candid self-criticism and pledge to do better after behaving childishly at Pebble Beach won him many friends, doesn’t mince words in the Twitterverse. In fact, he warns as much in his bio, which reads…

If sarcasm was a profession I’d be a pro. my tweets are my own. if you get your feelings hurt too easily cover your eyes.

Murray fired off the following tweet after DeChambeau’s (a sponsor’s invite to the tournament) abrupt departure with injury.

Fellow pros Colt Knost and Joel Dahmen seemed to echo Murray’s sentiments.

And this dude, whoever he is, dropped the mic.

Regardless of where you stand on sir Bryson, you have to imagine he’s perceived as an arrogant media darling know-it-all by many of his peers. Certainly his penchant for reinventing the wheel in the various facets of the game and his equipment can’t go over well.

He’s sort of an unsolicited swing tip for everyone else on the PGA Tour, in a way. Something that you can’t imagine goes over very well.

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