Only John Daly would play out of a water hazard in his shoes…

Ladies and gentleman, with absolutely no fuqs given, it’s everyone’s favorite recreational pro golfer, John Daly!

JD happened upon his ball at the edge of a water hazard at the 17th hole during the second round of the Champions’ Tour’s Chubb Classic.

But first, the obligatory Happy Gilmore/Chubbs GIF.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, back to the matter at hand. Or foot, rather. Feet, really, Two feet, clad in golf spikes, which John Daly elected to submerge in the hazard in order to play his golf ball.

Remove shoes? No. Remove pants, ala Henrik Stenson? Certainly not. If you’re John Daly, you’re only one hole away from a cigarette and a Diet Coke. No reason for the wasted time and effort of de-shoeing.

As always, we’d say, “never change, John Daly,” but the very idea of Long John is premised upon the fact that he doesn’t change. You’ll miss him when he’s gone!

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Also, if you’re keeping tabs on such things at home, this marks the second week in a row Daly has made water hazard-related news: Last week he chucked his putter into the drink. We’ll see if the trend continues in his next start.

And for what it’s worth: Daly rebounded from a second-round 74 with a third-round 69. He was tied for 28th at the time he finished.

We all know Daly loves his wacky tabacky, but did you know about these pros?

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