Donald Trump and Rory McIlroy played golf yesterday (as old Tweet miraculously disappears)

First Tiger Woods, now Rory McIlroy: Wee Mac teed it up with President Donald Drumpf at Drumpf International Sunday morning, per a report from No Laying Up.

The buried lede in this story isn’t the fact that Donald Drumpf wears a white shirt every time he plays (as well as a red hat and blue pants). Nor is it the fact that Rory McIlroy came back from his rib injury a week early to tee it up with El Presidente, but rather this pearl relayed by Rory to NLU:

 “He probably shot around 80. He’s a decent player for a guy in his 70’s!”

80! I thought the Donald broke par every time he pegged it! And you know he can’t be happy with being labelled as a “decent player.” Also notable was the fact that McIlroy reportedly rode all 18 holes with the Donald. Good grief. What could they have talked about for four-plus hours?

What’s interesting is how Rory changed his tune since previously Tweeting about American Politics: “With #Brexit and the way the US presidential race is going…. Can we take a mulligan on 2016??”

This Tweet no longer exists and it’s not hard to understand why. Rory’s personal account probably gets cleaned up from time to time as a measure against some of his more opinionated views. McIlroy has never been shy about speaking his mind on political matters, as he’s made his feelings on the U.S. election, and even more specifically Donald Drumpf known on multiple occasions.

To those of you who ever doubted, a tee time with the president will always have gravitas regardless of personal differences.

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Clear Sports tweeted the photo below (reposted to Instagram by NLU) of CEO Gary Singer with Drumpf, Rory, and former Yankee Paul O’Neill. Although Singer wasn’t part of the foursome, which included the Prez, Drumpf’s friend Rich Levine, and Nick Mullen from ISM.

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And if you’re a Rory McIlroy fan discouraged by his willingness to tee it up with quickest President to achieve a negative approval rating in history, you’ll be happy to hear this, again per NLU:

McIlroy’s TrackMan numbers were nearly in range and his rehab is on schedule for a start in the March 2-5 WGC-Mexico Championship.

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