Gary Player has “The Secret” for golfing perfection (but he isn’t telling)

81-year-old Gary Player has a lot of things. 9 majors. A 1,000-crunch-per-day workout regimen. A nude photo on the cover of ESPN the Magazine…The outspoken South African also apparently has “the Secret” to professional golf.

No word on whether it’s the same secret Ben Hogan dug out of the dirt, but Golf Digest’s Jaime Diaz reports that at the Olympic Golf Course in Rio last year, Player invited the South African team into the sanctum sanctorum.

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GP, who was serving as team captain for his native country, was on the range beating pills. The Black Knight busted out his adjustable driver and changed the weighting for the strongest hook bias possible. (Can you see where this story is going?) But of course, Player continued to stripe a gentle draw, controlling his shots perfectly.

And as Diaz writes so poetically, “With a swing still full of turn and torque, Player smashed six drives in a row. Each was a carbon copy of tightly penetrating right-to-left flight, traveling at least 250 yards.”

“I’m sorry this idea came to me so late in life,” Player told the team. “If I had found out what I know now, I would have won many more majors.”

Gary, Gary, Gary! What is it?! Tell us! Please! This is one secret Player isn’t parting with. Until then, we’ll have to wade through the inspirational memes on his social media accounts waiting for the revelation.

“Because what I’ve learned about the swing, there is still no way this ball will hook. All I’ll hit will be perfect draws.” Player told those assembled.

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