Former Miss Missouri now golfs…apparently

Perhaps Paige Spiranac has paved the way for a certain variety of Instagram stardom laced with golf, but it’s unclear (as Paige would likely agree) how good of thing this really is for women’s golf in general.

Former Miss Missouri, Katie Kearney, got some attention for her attempts to swing a golf club at the vaunted publication, Golfpunk, in their “Swingin’ Sirens” feature.

This much is clear, Miss Kearney has discovered golf’s ability to propel her Instagram account. She is now one of many using golf as a vehicle to piggyback some context to her otherwise contextless pictures. Golf is fast becoming the fashionable hobby for the budding “gram girl.” This is problematic for aspiring female golfers who are lumped in with those absent of skill.

If and when an expectation arises (or exists) whereby aspiring golfers feel pressured into taking their clothes off, the ramifications would be grave for the development of actual talent. And it’s another thing altogether when women who aren’t even capable golfers are being presented as “Swingin’ Sirens,” along with the likes of Lexi Thompson.

Anyway, here’s the golf-dotted Instagram account:

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