Donald Trump snubbed from hosting The Open

If you don’t think politics and golf coincide, tell that to Donald Trump, who keeps receiving backlash towards his golf courses due to his political voice.

It wasn’t long ago that the PGA Grand Slam of Golf moved the tournament from Trump’s LA course after the then President-elect’s remarks made towards Mexico in July. Now, the President owned Turnberry golf course has been snubbed by the organizers of The Open.

Trump was promised that Turnberry would not be dropped from the possible venue list of nine courses that could host The Open, and while he hasn’t been dropped they have turned the other way. As the next three years of venues had already been chosen, the 2020 venue was left for debate and the decision landed on the Royal St. Georges over Turnberry.

If Donald Trump wants his course used for The Open during his presidency, he’ll have to get re-elected after this term to see that happen. Or is that the point of all this? That while Trump is POTUS, golf wants to stay out of politics and keep the venue away from Turnberry while they can.

The R&A chief executive, Martin Slumbers, reported that the Scottish course is definitely still on the rota, but that he is fervent on keeping golf and politics separate.

“We are focused on Turnberry as a golf course and it is remaining on the rota. Turnberry remains absolutely as one of our nine golf courses.”

“The best advice I can have is to stay clear of that [politics]. We are clearly now in uncharted territory with a sitting President of the United States owning golf courses. But I think it’s important for us that we understand where the game is and make sure we keep to that.”

Royal St. Georges has hosted 14 times before and will make it 15 for the 149th Open. There has been no word on Twitter from the President, but I’m sure he’s mulling over a great response as we speak.

Turnberry may be prestigious but it does not make the list of the 20 most expensive golf courses in the world, although another one of Trump’s courses does..

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