Katie Kearney has taken Instagram golf too far

Paige Spiranac gets a substantial amount of flack for posting self-indulgent selfies (is there any other kind?) and hitting trick shots in Spandex while being unable to hack it (thus far) at the professional level.

However, Spiranac is at least making an attempt to play golf professionally. The same can’t be said for a rash of other golfing Instagram starlets, and it’s tough to make the case that this is a good thing for the women’s professional game. Really, if you think bunker shots in bikinis generate interest in the sport or #growsthegame, well, that’s kind of like saying porn #growsthefilmindustry.

This is by no means a representative list of the top female golfers in the world (per the Rolex Rankings) or the women who play golf with the largest number of Instagram followers, but check it out.

  • Elise Lobb: 198K followers
  • Katie Kearney: 29.8K
  • Paige Spiranac 927K
  • Lydia Ko 92.9K
  • Natalie Gulbis: 142 K
  • Lexi Thompson: 216K
  • Blair O’Neal 168K
  • Shanshan Feng 985

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Did you notice anything? Namely that women masquerading as golfers generate more interest than women who play the game very well, in many cases. Golf is just an appendage to a “modeling” career for many of these women.

Should we condemn them for the ruse? I don’t know. Do what you want to stack that cash, I guess. It’s difficult to say, however, that “hotties with clubs” are a great thing for the women’s professional game.

Here’s an example: A former Miss Missouri, Katie Kearney got some attention for her pathetic attempts to swing a golf club in Golfpunk’s “Swingin’ Sirens” feature, which has previously featured Lexi Thompson and other actual professional golfers.

Real talk here, folks: If Kearney can break 120 with that swing, it’d be astonishing. In other words, she’s not a real golfer.

Practicing bunker shots ?? Something fun coming soon ? @dyl_guy_ @callawaygolf

A post shared by Katie Kearney ? (@katiekearney) on

Recognize Kearney as a model, a former Miss Missouri, a source of titillation..whatever, but don’t present her as a golfer. And if Lexi Thompson wants to post in her bikini, or even nothing at all, that’s her choice. But there shouldn’t be an expectation—neither on the part of fans nor sponsors—that serious professional golfers (who happen to be women) will line up for nearly nude photo shoots.

See her Instagram pics here:

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