An incredible percentage of players on the PGA Tour want to golf with President Trump

While 50 percent of the American people disapprove of the job President Donald Trump is doing right now, 90 percent of PGA Tour players are keen to follow in the footsteps of Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, and Rory McIlroy and tee it up with the Donald.

Karen Crouse of The New York Times did an informal survey of 56 PGA Tour pros at the Genesis Open. 89 percent of them said they’d be happy to peg it with the Prez. Only three said they would not and the remaining three declined to answer.

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Pat Perez, notorious progressive that he is, gushed he’d play with Donald Trump “in a heartbeat.” And in an attempt to cut in line for a place at Trump National, called Donald “an incredible businessman.”

Ernie Els, who played with Trump two weeks ago, offered a more pragmatic take. “He is the president at the moment. If it was Barack Obama, I would have played. If it was Hillary Clinton, I would have played.”

While Donald Trump may be the first POTUS to own golf courses, he is definitely not the first president to play the game..

A Washington Post graphic retweeted by a producer from MSNBC states President Trump has spent more than 25 hours on the golf course during his first month in office.

The amount would seem to be at odds with campaign trail promises like: “I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf,” and a bit hypocritical in light of, well, everything below.

Regardless, after wading through all of this, we’ve returned to some unassailable truths: The (predominantly) white, rich men on the PGA Tour are big-time Republicans, and Donald Trump does what he wants without regard for looking like a hypocrite.

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