Augusta National Green Jacket Is Found And Sold For $20,000

Normally you require one of two things to become the owner of a green jacket. Number one: you need the talent to see off the world’s best golfers, or number two: you meet the membership requirements – have enough cash – to become part of the esteemed club.

These rules were broken in Texas where a jacket was found by an eagle-eyed volunteer.

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According to CBS Sports, the Guild Shop found the jacket which had allegedly been donated in 2015. The Golf Channel reports that a car dealer from Pennsylvania made the final purchase, meeting the $18,000 asking price with his $20,000 bid. This has to be a bargain if you consider the stringent rule that prevents members from taking their jackets away from the club.

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This isn’t the first time the prestigious jacket has found its way into the hands of someone other than its owner. Back in 1994, a green jacket was found in a Toronto thrift shop, which was later confirmed by Augusta National to be an authentic Masters winner. They did not go into detail as to how it got to Ontario nor who it originally belonged to, probably for the same reason the other jacket sold so high.

Apparently this jacket dates back to the 1950’s. While members have been donning the green coats since 1937, they were not awarded to champions until 1949. Now it’s up for auction on the New Jersey-based The bidding for this historical artifact starts at $5,000, and will surely be sold for much more. also sold a jacket that had belonged to Horton Smith, the 1934 winner of the first unofficial tournament, for a staggering $682,000. Next time you’re in a thrift shop and your eye catches something green, take a good hard look before passing it by, it could be worth thousands if you’re lucky.

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