This could be the greatest golf movie since Happy Gilmore

Let’s be honest. Golf movies have been pretty pathetic lately (can you hear me, Bagger Vance?). Early reviews suggest Tommy’s Honour will buck the inglorious trend in a big way.

Flashback to the early days of golf. When the beards were long, the clothes were tweed, the shafts were wooden, and the accents were Scottish. This fertile and gorse-filled breeding ground is the font from which Tommy’s Honour springs.

Telling the story of the not-always-fantastic relationship between golf pioneers Old and Young Tom Morris, the film looks fantastic. See for yourself in the trailer.

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With facial hair that would make any PBR-swilling hipster proud, Peter Mullan (Old Tom) and Jack Lowden (Young Tom) look to be playing the parts of the early golfing luminaries to perfection.

The film is slated to hit approximately 32 U.S. cities on Friday, April 14, including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

The great Ben Crenshaw, himself a golf history aficionado and never one to mince words, had this to say about the movie: “I hope everybody embraces this film because it is a poignant story that is so beautifully depicted.”


We’re casting our lot with Gentle Ben and hoping Tommy’s Honour will sit alongside CaddyshackHappy Gilmore and The Greatest Game Ever Played in the pantheon of golf films.


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