This bro holed a Guinness World Record 395-foot putt

More irresistible than a hot dog at the turn: golf trick shot videos. And Guinnes World Record trick shots, forget about it! Your brain won’t allow you to avert your eyes. 

Continuing the trope, what’s more ridiculous than a golf trick shot group? How about when that group is called How Ridiculous? All the “hang 10” emojis, dude!

Kyle Stanford, one of the Ridiculous trio, holed a 395-foot putt to set a new Guinness World Record. Fortunately, he did so with no shortage of cameras, and in fact probably more angles than you’d care to see.

That said, here’s the Guinness World Record putt:

Damn. What a total bro-down the first 10 second of that video are. LMAO, these clowns! Also, I don’t know what Shine (Shine+?) energy drink is, but I do know I’ve never seen a more deliberate attempt to work a product into a video than this one. Half expected them to putt with an actual bottle of Shine.

Question: How many takes did it take How Ridiculous? And another question: Is it technically a putt when you take a half swing to advance the ball? Good thing he had his glove on.

Stanford’s putt beat the previous world record by 20 feet, if you were wondering. Fergus Muir, sorry for stereotyping, I’m guessing doesn’t drink Shine, holed his effort at St. Andrews in 2001. He used an 80-year-old hickory-shafted putter on the par-3 fifth hole at the town’s Eden Course to record a hole in one measuring 125 yards.

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