This TopGolf photo will make you look twice

Snowydwhite describes herself as a “full-time princess, part-time goof, feminist and child of god.” And some of these traits were on display at the Las Vegas TopGolf.

Since “Peeping Tom” opened his window and spied on the naked Lady Godiva 800 years ago, voyeurism found its roots. The big difference between a golf swing and this 13th Century legend is the simple matter of clothing. Whereas Peeping Tom was the only citizen in Coventry to ignore the queen’s proclamation for privacy –  she was riding naked through the streets in protest at her husband’s oppressive taxes – Miss White’s golf swing was posted to Instagram, a very transparent forum.

Lady Godiva
Lady Godiva. (source/Vivat!)

It’s clear Miss White wasn’t intentionally taking pity on us in quite the same way. Lady Godiva was standing up to those suffering grievously under her husband’s oppressive rule, and chose to call his bluff – quite literally – by accepting his flippant suggestion that it would take a naked horse ride for him to revoke the harsh taxation; she accepted and the rest is history – or rather legend.

This was the first documented case of voyeurism, and whilst the legend lacks validity, Instagram is the proverbial window for a mass of Peeping Toms. Case in point:

don’t let the look fool you, I’ll take your coins

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We all did a double take as this more than capable golfer rotated through impact, flicked her hair, and turned to the camera. Head to the Las Vegas TopGolf page and you will see postings galore, often showing gram personalities with a drink in hand. Welcome to the innovative recreational activity that is, by all accounts, printing money for the lucky franchisees of this lucrative business.

For all you Peeping Toms:

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