The USGA just announced the biggest rules change in golf history

Both the USGA and the R&A have announced sweeping rule changes. The changes made affect not only the Tiger Woods of the world, but the everyday man as well.

“There was a recognition on both sides of the pond to take a new look at it, an agreement to put everything on the table and do something good for the game. We’re very happy with what we’ve come up with and excited to see how golfers of all levels feel about what we’re proposing.”

John Bodenhamer, USGA senior managing director of rules, competitions and equipment standards.

This five-year discussion to make the rules more desirable have finally been revealed and will most likely take effect in 2019. For now, players of all types are asked to submit feedback on the respective company websites of the USGA and R&A.

So here’s the scoop on the new rules:

Players around the globe rejoice in the new rules, which aim to make the game simpler and modern. Regarding the new rules, Tiger Woods had this to say:

The current 34 rules are to be consolidated to 24, combining rules like loose impediments and moveable obstructions. They are also thinking of creating a separate “procedural” document for all of the rules related to the committee.

“The guiding principle for everything we propose is that it should be easier to understand and put in play.”

While these changes are huge, the rule makers want to emphasize player integrity. This means they are allowing courses to adopt their own standards and put more obligations on players to marshal themselves.

Only time will tell how these rule changes will play out, but if you’re still skeptical, go to their sites and add your own rules or criticisms of the existing ones. Feedback is open until August 31st. For once your input truly does matter, and that’s definitely a leap forward for golf.

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