Watch a returning soldier surprise his family at a Topgolf

I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of videos where soldier’s come home and surprise their families, but here’s just one more that will surely pull on your heart strings.

Not only do these videos bring tears of joy to your eyes (or at least they should), it gives a platform of recognition for these soldier’s that they so severely deserve. The warm embraces between family and soldier are a sight to see because not everyone is so lucky.

Regardless, we are so glad to see the game get involved in such an important moment in these lives. Topgolf, mostly known for it’s celebrity clad Vegas location, was the scene for this one homecoming for a father and his three daughters.

Warning: Feelings may follow after watching this video.

We’re not crying, you’re crying. The profound hugging between these four human beings is enough to make any grown man wilt. Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than a father coming back from his military service to surprise his daughters. How much do you love that these three little girls were at a Topgolf in the first place? Their dad must have been so proud.

Golf is an emotional game to begin with, causing pros and ams to break clubs, jump up for joy when putts are made, and tear up when they’re missed. Add a military homecoming to the mix and you’ve got full blown FEELS.

What would the commander in chief have to say about this? Probably only amazing things, since the POTUS is an avid golfer, as were many past president’s.

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