You have to see this outrageous Phil Mickelson-Sergio Garcia promo from 2001

The last time Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia played golf together in Mexico, they cut a bizarre bandito-inspired promo you have to see.

The scene: Querencia Golf Course in Los Cabos, Mexico. Southern tip of the Baja Peninsula. The year: 2001. Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia arrived to duel mano y mano as part of Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf.

The long-running, now unfortunately defunct program (R.I.P) featured two pros squaring off in challenge matches at sexy locations around the world with plenty of banter in between. The show was, to quote Judge Smails, top notch.

In the early days, production crews would have to lug equipment between shots, and thus it would take several minutes to film every strike of the ball (hence the banter). If you love golf, do yourself a favor and watch Ben Hogan’s shotmaking brilliance during his 1964 Wonderful World of Golf duel with Sam Snead.

Anyway, the story of the Mickelson-Garcia match of 2001 wasn’t the match itself (which Mickelson won by five strokes), but rather this glorious promo unearthed by the PGA Tour’s Skratch TV. Check out these flipping sombreros!

“Where stark desert mountains tumble to the tough Pacific…”

What utter poetry! Although I don’t think anyone is sure what the narrative of the “wanted” posters is all about. I get Sergio and Phil being so enraged by seeing their adversary’s face that the compulsion to destroy the image arises, but who’s setting both on fire at the same time? Surely not law enforcement.

Regardless, the bit is wonderfully ridiculous and makes you wonder how many pesos filled the two “tough hombres” purses. Cut a promo, lads, cut a promo indeed.


And if you’d like to watch the entire desert showdown, thanks to the bottomless well of YouTube, you’re in luck.

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