Are Kirkland Signature balls making a comeback?

Costco simply refuses to give up selling golf balls. Just a few months ago, the Kirkland Signature golf ball got the axe for excessive popularity. I think that signals the first time something was cancelled for being too popular, but I’m not 100 percent.

As expected, the 4-piece price-chopping balls are listed on the USGA conforming list. The list updated yesterday, with the ball included. Here is what we know.

The Kirkland Signature balls original “Tour Performance” type was on the list, as well as a new ball named the “Performance One”. Costco found a new supplier in Seoul, South Korea when they were previously working with Nassau Golf’s overstocked balls. Even with a new manufacturer, the balls feature the 4 layer, 320 dimple construction everyone loves.

The looming questions remains if we will see the new balls on store shelves. Costco is keeping quiet, however, promised store members information upon the balls return to production. Maybe they don’t want massive panic at Costco stores; picture Black Friday but for golf balls.

Will the balls remain at the golden 30 bucks for 2 dozen? That probably hasn’t been worked out, since the balls aren’t officially back on shelves. But if I know anything about Costco, they should be. Costco gives the people what they want and this year, the people want low priced golf balls.

A spot on the USGA conforming list marks a step in the right direction; mostly due to the new manufacturer. Once we hear more info, we will bring you the latest on the most popular ball in golf.

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