The number of people Brandel Chamblee has blocked on Twitter is beyond comprehension

Brandel Chamblee loves himself some block button more than trotting out grainy still photos from past eras to prove his points! 20k people are now unable to interact with the broadcaster.

In an article oh-so-cleverly titled “Dude, DON’T make these Twitter mistakes!” Brandel Haircut fried up some truth nuggets.

“Twitter is the most narcissism-inducing, vanity-vomiting, muckraking scourge of harmony and aggregate source of everything one needs to know, time-suck in history.”

Chamblee typed, presumably with a fine Napa vintage in hand.

Of course, this doesn’t stop Chambles from being an avid user of the social media service himself. A narcissist can’t resist a soapbox, after all.

And if you wondered how you join the elite group of 20,000(!) Brandel Chamblee blockees, you’re in luck. Chamblee lays out his criteria.

“I have an informal approach to the interaction that I have on Twitter, in that I view it as a party at my house: Come on in, argue if you see fit, but if you start breaking dishes, you have to go.

“I can smell rudeness a par-5 away. Hence, I block on average about 10 people a day, which means I have blocked around 20,000 people in my six-plus years on Twitter.”

A party at the Chamblee residence? I bet that gets lit. Also, using “dude” and ALL CAPS are a recipe for blockage, apparently.

But the hottest take of tall? Twitter is ruining golf. Yep. This is an actual take offered by dear Brandel.

“I’m thinking that golf should ban Twitter, not because it is interfering with the practice of the game but because it is interfering with the civility of it.

Twitter may have originally been a burst of inconsequential information but it has turned into 140 characters of kindling, burning civility to a fine crisp. I can understand the discord involving politics, religion and war but what is there to argue about in golf.”

Dude! Just because people call you out for being the ill-informed hot air machine that you are, doesn’t mean that “the civility of the game” is in jeopardy. Chamblee hasn’t updated his knowledge of swing theory since the 1980s, and he’s made a living uniformly bashing Tiger Woods. Isn’t that worthy of criticism? Basically he can dish it out, but he can’t take handle it when it’s given to him. Add hypocrite to the list..

Here are only a few of Chamblee’s “house parties” aka his own twitter rants:

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