David Feherty doesn’t want Tiger Woods on his show.. yet

David Feherty’s show Feherty is on it’s seventh season, debuting with an extended episode featuring Phil Mickelson on Monday. 

Apparently booking Lefty was harder than getting an interview with the President. Feherty spoke at a conference in NYC, where he told reporters that locking-in Phil was a several year process, but he finally got him on the show.

Another star golfer has been absent from Feherty’s prestigious line up. You guessed it, Tiger Woods. Feherty has yet to have Tiger Woods on his show and he doesn’t plan on asking him any time soon.

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He explains:

“I just want him to be in the right place, because I don’t want to do a show with him where he feels like he has to give pat answers. I want him to be the kid that I know. I want him to lose the sort of iron dome.”

The two have history, as Feherty was on the scene as an on-course reporter during Tiger’s prime. Feherty thinks this steely exterior has come from years of being in the spotlight.

“He gets followed from the parking lot to the locker room to the putting green to the range to the golf course and then back through the press area. Every time he finished a round they wanted him to stand in front of a microphone for 45 minutes. . . . Every single time that he played! I’m amazed he lasted as long as he did with that.”

It’s true, we’ve all seen it. There was a time when the press bombarded Woods in the parking lot before a tournament even started. Of course Rickie Fowler was there to lighten the mood, but years of being under a microscope has to take a toll on a professional athlete.

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“It is too suffocating, it is,” Feherty added. “There’s nothing equitable about it.”

No other professional golfer has had the media hassle them the way they did to Woods. There is just no comparison.

“I miss him out there. It was pretty freakin’ amazing,” Feherty said. “I never take for granted that I was there — I saw him win something like 50-60 times. It was a special time in golf. But I think he can win again, I do.”

If that moment ever comes, maybe then Feherty will ask Woods to join him on his show. The real question is, what season will Feherty be on when he does?

Tiger Woods’ injury timeline will make you cringe:

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