Want to watch Paulina Gretzky hit a golf ball? Sure you do!

It’s not what you would call “technically good swing,” but Instagram sensation-turned-pro golf WAG, Paulina Gretzky, posted a video of her action at a Top Golf location.

And because she is Paulina Gretzky and her fiance is the top-ranked golfer in the world, we’re legally obligated to bring it to you.

So, without further ado, here’s Paulina Gretzky, in all her glory, hitting a golf club.

When your man is #1 in the ?…???‍♀️

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First of all, I’m not sure what the fact that Dustin Johnson is number one in the world has to do with the video. The logic is: Because my partner is good at X, I should do X? I dunno, anyway, kudos to her for mentioning DJ’s status, because why not? When your significant other is the best on the planet at something, you have carte blanche to mention that as freely as you like.

Also, it’s interesting how much her downswing looks like her fiance’s…getting the club left quickly after impact. But the backswing is an old woman in the Tuesday morning nine-hole league special: Overly long and all arms, making for a powerless wave at the ball. Instructor Boredom says, “shorten it up and stay connected for more power and consistency!”

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While everyone else will say (looking at you, Alex Myers) “DJ must be teaching her right!” the reality is, it’s a standard variety of a not very good swing. No way she’s breaking 100 with that action. But hey, Paulina’s swinging a club!

Dear Paulina’s Top Golf adventure came on the heels of the following, more “classically Paulina” offering.

“I need a caption.” – The entire female population.

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And because this is what you’re really here for, here are some of PG’s Instagram exploits.

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