Phil Mickelson reveals an untold story from the 2002 Ryder Cup on Feherty

David Feherty opened up the 7th season of his show Feherty with a two-part interview with Phil Mickelson. In the first part of the interview, Lefty divulged an incredible story from the 2002 Ryder Cup.

Set the scene: It’s the alternate shot round at the 2002 Ryder Cup and Phil Mickelson is partnered with David Toms. The two step up to the tee box on The Belfry’s narrow par-4 16th hole.

“I hit the most majestic 3-wood, in the fairway.”

That’s how Phil starts off the story, no modesty here. So he hits the ball down the fairway with a 3-wood and he’s super proud of his shot. His partner, David Toms, was one of the best players with an iron in their hand at the time, so Phil was not worried about his 9-iron shot to the green.

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Well, Toms ends up hitting his shot into the green-side bunker and Mickelson is shocked. We all know that Phil has great short game, but that bunker shot he hit out to 4-feet from the hole was just incredible. He saved that hole for the pair, but it wasn’t over yet.

They get to the green and Toms asks Mickelson to check out the putt for him. Obviously he’s nervous after chunking a fairly easy shot at the Ryder Cup.

Toms says: ‘So what do you think?’

Mickelson replies: “What do I think?Don’t f*%# this one up too!’ and walks off the green.

Toms ended up making the putt and they won the hole. What a way to motivate your partner. Classic Lefty.

See the full story here:

Look at Phil, all cool in his leather jacket. The second part of the interview will debut Monday.

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