Piers Morgan calls out Greg Norman for being a choker

Piers Morgan is a British journalist and TV personality, known for making sure his voice is heard among the many. How does he do this? By tweeting out his opinions, not unlike the current POTUS (who btw is in Morgan’s main Twitter photo).

Morgan’s most recent sports related tweet got some major backlash after calling out The Shark. Paris St.-Germain’s collapse against FC Barcelona in a Champions League Round of 16 matchup was huge news across the pond, which is what brought up the topic in the first place. Instead of making the obvious reference towards the Falcons choke against the Patriot’s at this year’s Super Bowl, Morgan decided to call out Greg Norman for his Masters fail.

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It may have seemed like an innocent enough tweet, but the golf community on Twitter was just not having any of it. Tweets poured in, in defense of Greg Norman and his unfortunate Masters collapse. Many of Norman’s defenders reminded Morgan of the plentiful career that he had, other than that one event.

“Norman won 2 majors and 91 tournaments. Stick to hypocritical and contradictory politics. It’s called golf. You lose sometimes.”


Other comments took jabs at Morgan himself, saying things like, “bit rich coming from a well known hacker!!” and “What an ill judged snide comment that is. Says far more about you than it does Greg Norman. Very poor!”.

“Classy, as always. Yet more deluded ‘expertise’ from nothing more than blubber with jowls on the sofa or in stands.”


Piers Morgan responded by saying that Twitter has amnesia. He’s not wrong though, Norman’s collapse at the 1996 Masters was one of the worst in sports history. In case you actually did forget what happened, Norman lead the tournament by four shots through 7 holes on the final day until he blew up. He lost five shots to par on the next five holes and continued to bogey and double bogey with Nick Faldo picking up the slack and eventually winning.

Like Norman’s Twitter warriors pointed out, The Shark still has two majors under his belt, which is more than a lot of PGA Tour pro’s can say. He has a successful clothing business and he’s in impeccable shape. I doubt Greg Norman is losing any sleep over anything that Piers Morgan has to say about him.

Source: www.shark.com

If anything, Jordan Spieth’s collapse in 2016 helped lessen the blow of Norman’s Masters fail, but in the end you’ll remember his name and that’s what these guys are hoping for. Isn’t it?

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