The Mastercard commercial that’s taking the golf world by storm

Mastercard has released a heart-wrenching commercial, which pays tribute to the late Arnold Palmer. He would no doubt be happy with how his memory is being carried on.

The commercial features different golf scenario’s where there is an obstacle to overcome and the motivation to keep pushing on is with the words “Arnie would”. A boy who needs to hit through trees to get to the green. A girl who is having a tough time getting out of the bunker. Pros signing every fans memorabilia. #ArnieWould

Watch for yourself:

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Arnold Palmer brought so much more to the game of golf than just his pure talent; he embodied the spirit of what every golfer should strive to be. He was a true gentleman.

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As his tournament nears, the first without him, people are celebrating his life rather than grieving his passing. Even at last week’s Valspar Championship, an artist created an incredible mural in honor of the King which stood near the first tee.

Another tournament that’s around the corner is the highly anticipated Masters. Callaway recently found Arnold Palmer’s yardage book from Augusta that has hand written notes inside of it. Pros today would probably give up their right arm to see what the King had to say about the greens of Augusta.

Arnold Palmer was the first professional golfer to transcended golf. He is known today by people who have never picked up a golf club and is a popular reference in mainstream movies and television shows. We all know Tiger Woods brought the ratings up but if it weren’t for Arnie Palmie, there wouldn’t be any golf ratings.

Arnold Palmer’s most famous quotes:

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