Bubba Watson’s son makes insane mini golf hole-in-one

Caleb Watson, Bubba Watson’s son, apparently takes notes from his pro golfer dad.

The two were out and about, having a grand ol’ time at a mini golf course. They were both crushing shots, but it was Caleb’s hole-in-one that really stood out.. because it’s wild. When dad asks, Caleb delivers.

‪This is not the way to play it, but… we think it should be a #SCtop10 nominee too! @SportsCenter ‬

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We all know mini golf can be tough. I mean, that little gap that opens in the castle looks like it needs some serious planning. That being said, the best choice was to crush the ball and hope for the best, which is exactly what Caleb did, and was rewarded in the end.

Dad got in on the action as well, with a little help from his son. This isn’t the first time Bubba has called out Sports Center to put him in their top 10.

Hey @sportscenter! Here’s a #sctop10 nominee…

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Shots aside, why can Christmas music be heard in the background? It’s March; we have months to go to even reach half-Christmas (July 25th). That’s just how the Watson family roles: Christmas music in March and a grip it and rip it mentality.

The snaking around the hole really makes this video. Caleb first rocked that shot and you’re sitting there thinking it’s all over. Then the ball makes the snake move to the green and goes past the hole. But just like dad, the ball turns around and drops in the bucket for an ace.

Caleb’s mini golf ace is only his most recent cool kid excursion. Just in time for the Master’s, we can bring back this epic twin day Caleb and Bubba rocked:


If you think that’s the end of it, you’re wrong. Guess which celebrity Caleb played drums with not too long ago? None other than the Biebs himself.


Is Caleb Watson the coolest kid on the PGA Tour? All signs point to yes.

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