Ketel One honors Arnold Palmer with limited edition bottle

Arnold Palmer was a man of many talents, one for which he is most recognized is his talent in creating signature drinks. Besides the well known mixture of iced-tea and lemonade, Palmer also loved Ketel One.

His drink would consist of Ketel One on the rocks with a lemon twist. Straight to the point and classy, just like The King. What you may not know, is that Arnold Palmer and the Ketel One family have had a close relationship for years. What better way to commemorate such a special bond than with a custom Kettle One bottle in his honor?

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The moment you enter the Ketel One website (sorry 21+ only), you will see the custom bottle with Arnie’s face and his unmistakable umbrella signature. It also reads, “Dear Mr. Palmer, This one’s for you” Not only did they create this tribute for the King, but they also donated $100,000 to the Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation to honor and continue his legacy.

“When he took that little sip of Ketel One, it was a moment he always looked forward to. That’s what he loved.”

Nolet Spirits President and CEO Carl Nolet Jr.

The relationship between the two families began in 2000, when Winnie Palmer contacted Ketel One to help celebrate Arnie’s 70th birthday. From then on the Nolet and Palmer family retained a bond crafted on mutual respect. This limited edition 750ML bottle is launching March 16th and will be selling for $34.00, the same amount as a regular priced bottle.

“For us, it is about continuing his legacy in the most respectful manner and working with his family, his daughters and his wife Kit,” Nolet Jr. said. “His passion and love for the game of golf is similar to what we do as a 325-year-old family [in the spirits] industry.”

The respect Arnold Palmer gained in his years goes beyond the golf course. His influence on popular media, the beverage industry, golf course development, along with young, old, and professional golfers, is an accomplishment that will live on. Mastercard also released a tribute commercial in honor of the King, tugging at heartstrings everywhere with the slogan, “Arnie would”.

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Who else is craving an Arnold Palmer with a splash of Ketel One? #ArnieWould

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