Tiger Woods says he’s doing everything he can to play the Masters

Tiger Woods is doing everything in his power to play the Masters in three weeks, or so he says. Woods appeared on Good Morning America to promote his new book The 1997 Masters – My Story.

TW hadn’t offered any public comment on his status since the Dubai Desert Classic at the beginning of February prior to the GMA appearance.

Here’s what he told Michael Strahan when asked if he’s going to tee it up at Augusta.

“God, I hope so. I’m trying. I’m trying everything I can do to get back and play. I love that event. It’s meant so much to me in my life, it was the first major I ever played back in ’95 … It has so much history and meaning to me, I’d love to get back. I need to get back physically. The mind is sharp. I need to get the body willing to do it. ”

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Well, nothing better to get the body back in form than a putting contest with a former NFL defensive end.

Woods sounded a familiar tune about preparation time and shifting priorities, as he’s entered a new phase in his life.

“That’s the hard part, getting the prep time in. I haven’t been able to get as much prep time in training like I used to (or) practice like I used to. It’s been harder. My priorities have changed a lot. My kids dominate my life. And I think that’s a good thing.”

Hard to believe it’s been 20 years since Tiger Woods’ first Masters win. Perhaps even harder still to believe that the game’s messianic figure has seen his priorities shift away from winning major championships. Which, like he said, is definitely a positive change for Woods and his personal life, just not for his fans.

Woods’ appearance on GMA comes on the heels of his agent, Mark Steinberg, boldly refuting suggestion that Woods is unlikely to play in the first major of the season.

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Steinberg told Golf Channel’s Tim Rosaforte, Friday:

“We’re not in a situation to even talk about playing in the Masters now. He’s gotten treatments and is progressing and hoping he can do it. There’s not been a decision one way or the other. I couldn’t give you a fair assessment, but to say it’s doubtful is an absolutely inaccurate statement.”

The book tour, his kids, TW foundation, and new golf course development, seem to be taking priority over the Masters at the moment. Leave it up to Woods’ agent to keep his fans guessing though. Ultimately, as with so many updates from Team Tiger, we don’t know a great deal more than before the sound bite circulated.

A look back at Tiger’s injury timeline:

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