PGA Tour player jokes about his recent DUI

At first, you might think that these custom stamped wedges are a sponsors dream, but in reality they are referencing something much bigger. Uber and Lyft did not pay PGA Tour player Steven Bowditch for these clubs, instead they now act as a reminder of a huge mistake he made earlier this year.

Steven Bowditch, one of the worst players on Tour, ran into some trouble at the Waste Management Open this season. The tournament is known to get rowdy on the infamous 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale, but Bowditch brought his boozing to the road.

His bad decision caused him to get an EXTREME DUI with a blood-alcohol level of .20, well above the state’s limit of .08. He ended up bonding out of jail the next day and played his round at the tournament, but didn’t end up making the cut.

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Bowditch later apologized via Twitter saying, “Life is about choices. Last night I made a very poor one. I’m very sorry to those I have disappointed. I must and will, do better.” It seems as though he’s learned from his mistake by creating these custom wedges to remind not only himself, but others, of the dangers of drinking and driving. Why drive when you can get picked up by these amazing apps that provide you with the service? You won’t find yourself in jail, that’s for sure.

JD Cuban
JD Cuban

To some this may seem like a subtle addition. How can a colorful “Uber” and “Lyft” stamp provide as a true reminder of the mistakes you’ve made? Although Bowditch may not be the best player on Tour, he is still out there at the tournaments making a living by waving his sticks around. He is constantly picking and choosing the clubs he plays with and looking at the club heads every time he’s at the range. It’s his job to use these clubs and now as a part of his job he gets a daily reminder of what he’s done, or actually didn’t do.

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Bowditch was falling asleep at a stoplight when the cops finally came and found him. He had been sitting there at the light for a while and thankfully no one was hurt, because if he had decided to wake up and go through a possible red light, who knows what could have happened. Money and determination got him to the course the next day, but his actions should be reprimanded, not applauded. I think he knows that, and even though he can joke about it now, I’m sure he’ll never forget that night.

Bowditch is not the first player to get custom wedges. These are the best ones in the industry:

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