Miko Page: A Women With Drive Story

November in New York does not lend itself well to golfers trying to get in their course time, but that didn’t stop Miko Page from bracing the cold weather. With a blanket and a firm grip, CLICKON got a closer look inside the life of a Women With Drive ambassador.

If you didn’t already know, Women With Drive is a movement between millennial female golfers. To be an ambassador for WWD is to grow the game and showcase that women from all backgrounds can be passionate about golf, while missing an appendage so often needed to be respected in the sport.

Growing up in Canarsie Brooklyn, Miko has always had the support of her family. Her father introduced her to golf early on in life, taking her to the range after school and getting her hooked on the game. Her mother runs a hair salon, where making people feel beautiful is an every day job. So it’s no surprise that Miko has a passion for both golf and modeling; a potent combination.

“My parents didn’t have a lot of money but they taught me to always work for what I want which gave me such an incredible work ethic.”

Source: Instagram @mikothi

Her passion and dedication is inspiring. Even though the area she grew up in is only getting worse, she pushes through the adversity and makes the best of what she has. Miko has played professional golf on the National Women’s Golf Association Tour and she is currently a model for Wilhelmina, one of the top modeling agencies in the world. Her next goal is to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, with golf right there in her back pocket. She is going after her dreams, and as a WWD ambassador, she is the perfect role model for girls everywhere.

Golf becomes a part of you the moment you get hooked, and just because you may never make it on Tour doesn’t mean it can’t change you for the better. If you want to be a model, golf can help you with that. If you want to be a teacher, golf can help you with that. You can be anything you want to be with golf as a guiding factor along the way. This is a message that young women so often need and lack, and it’s important for girls to see someone like them accomplishing their dreams with golf as their backbone. With golf on the rise as a way to gain followers on social media accounts, it’s refreshing when you see an authentic personality. More and more rappers are using golf in their videos, models are holding clubs acting like they play, and trick shot artists are shifting the game. While this may be good for golf, it is not a representation of those who actually play day to day. Girls can look at Miko and say “this could be me”.

One question we asked Miko was, “What is the response you get when you tell guys you play golf?”

“They think it’s a joke and they don’t believe me,” she said, with a wry smile.

Why is it that men are so surprised at the fact women play golf, or any sport for that matter? And why do women need to prove themselves to be taken seriously? Men need to realize that women are just as capable as them, and thankfully the WWD ladies are doing just that.

There’s nothing more empowering than the support of a girl gang. Sure, men need to recognize women are on the same playing field, but women need to realize that other women aren’t their enemies. So often, women are the ones shooting each other down, but the success of one is success for all.

“We should be coming together to lift each other up and get the job done.”

While Miko may still be on her way to the top, she knows that she has support from her family and female golfers from all over the country. Her dedication and empowerment through the game will only grow interest in other women, and make golf the best version of itself. Every aspect of life comes with adversity, but to rise above and bring others with you, is the highest form of success.

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