Secret Tour Pro Twitter account is a total fraud

If you’ve followed the saga of the Secret Tour Pro Twitter account since its inception in April 2015, you’ll know there have been no shortage of theories as to the “pro’s” identity.

The account has been a point of curiosity in the golf space for the past couple of years, seemingly breaking some news and offering inside-the-ropes takes, but also badly missing the mark on several occasions. The mainstream golf media was largely skeptical of STP, but he gained a measure of credibility in some circles.

Golf Digest even published this handy outline expanding on the theories. Is it Bernd Wiesberger? Geoff Ogilvy? Adam Scott? The consensus in the golfspace seemed to be: Some combination of professional golfers contribute to the account (likely along with other industry folks).

But if you searched Twitter for the Secret Tour Pro a couple of days ago, you would have seen that it had been ghosted (the account is back online now). So, what happened? Well, if you’ve been tuned out of all things STP lately, things went a little crazy last week.

First, the short-lived Secret Tour Pro website was converted to a landing page of sorts that looked like this.

(Screenshot per Golf Unfiltered)

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The aforementioned Twitter account began teasing the big reveal of STP’s identity. It was at this point that the STP account slithered back into the ether of the interwebz from which it came. The folks behind the “reveal” account and the landing page were none too happy with the “pro.” Apparently, he made numerous promises of gifts and compensation and failed to deliver, as well as, well, lying about his identity.

Adam Fonseca of, who had been in contact with the four individuals intent on outing STP, hosted a Twitch session. Fonseca was joined by a few of the spurned individuals, and eventually by the so-called “pro” himself.

Here’s what Fonseca said after chatters shared stories of Secret Tour Pro’s record manipulation and deception:

“Michael Double, a social media manager based in the UK, is the name of the man behind the account, per a series of events that transpired during my live broadcast on Twitch.”

Double himself, or someone purporting to be the aptly named Double, joined the session and offered an apology.

It’s unclear how much input, if any, actual professional golfers had into the Secret Tour Pro Twitter account. While Double will surely maintain it was a healthy amount, others are rightly skeptical, assuming the account was always a con job by someone tangentially associated with the world of professional golf.

( landing page)

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Thus ends the saga of Secret Tour Pro as a potentially legitimate secret tour pro, as it were. The account must be understood as an exercise in fraud by a man named Mike Double.


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