Reddit user says he found a priceless Masters artifact in an unbelievable place

It looks like an incredible golf artifact has popped up on Reddit of all places. The only thing more incredible than the fact that Gene Sarazen’s 1950 Masters medallion has appeared on the social news website, is how the Reddit user found it.

From the “you can’t make this stuff up” files, TuckerG23 took to Reddit yesterday to post a picture of, what appears to be, Gene Sarazen’s medallion from the 1950 Masters. And more interestingly, he says he found it at the bottom of a river in upstate New York a decade ago.

Here’s what he had to say about finding the bit of bronze memorabilia.

“From what I know, the Sarazen’s owned a house about a mile or so from the stream we fish in and the home burnt down. But how the medallion ended up in the stream, your guess is as good as mine…It was on the bottom of the stream bed under a few feet of water and was giving off a metallic shine. Me being 10 or 11 at the time had to jump in a figure out what it was. I honestly remember thinking it was just a big penny or something of the sort. Turns out I was wrong.”

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He’s right about Sarazen owning a house in upstate New York: the Squire owned a farm in Germantown. And while it’s theoretically possible TuckerG23/some other entity went to great lengths to forge the medallion, it certainly looks genuine.

Below a photo of Masters competitor Frank Stranahan’s souvenir medallion bearing the image of ANGC’s clubhouse from the same year. Stranahan was the low amateur and finished 14th that year, and his medal sold for $1,647.95 on in 2014.

Frank Stranahan’s Masters medallion. (Photo source/

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It will be eminently interesting to see what the Redditor decides to do with the medal. Perhaps, it will find its way to Green Jacket Auctions like the so-called “thrift store green jacket.” As we detailed here, some fortunate fellow snapped up the early 1950s vintage green jacket at a Toronto thrift store. Presently, the top bid on the jacket is more than $10,000 with 13 days remaining on the auction.

Jordan Spieth told off some autograph hustlers, telling them to get real jobs or get lost. These are some those golf artifacts you might come across being sold on the Internet:

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