Jordan Spieth just played golf with Tom Brady (at Augusta National)

Well, it looks like Jordan Spieth and Tom Brady linked up for a friendly round of golf. It’s not the first time the UA duo have golfed together and it definitely won’t be the last.

In what could be called a precisely calibrated advertisement for Under Armour, two of the brands top talents played a round of golf at a little place called Augusta National. Joining them in the Under Armour extravaganza was, you guessed it, CEO Kevin Plank. And as none of the three gentlemen named are members at the famed Georgia course, an Augusta National member named Jimmy Dunne was kind enough to sign for them in the golf shop.

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Reigning Super Bowl MVP and greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady posted the following to his Instagram. And here’s the bottom line: the Spieth One-laden post is basically advertising. It’s true. But as it’s presented creatively AND with a reference to Captain Planet, you have to love it. And if you’re wondering who’s who, the smart money is on Spieth in the dark blue pants and Brady closest to the front/taking the picture.

When the need for a #shoepicture calls, you answer the bell. #LetOurPowersCombine

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Tom Brady had posted the picture below with his foursome in front of Hogan’s Bridge on the 12th hole with the caption:

“Trying to beat @jordanspieth in golf is like trying to arm wrestle @therock.”

Source: Twitter

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Interestingly, the picture is no longer on his Instagram page. You have to wonder if strictly anti-cell phone Augusta National had a word with the five-time Super Bowl champion encouraging him to remove the offending image. Maybe it was because the member forgot to wear his Under Armour polo (he does have the glove, at least) Either way, he gone.

NFL players are no rookie’s to the golf course. Some of the most talented footballers have low handicaps as well:


And if you’re wondering, Tom Brady is reportedly around an eight handicap. But arguably more importantly, he did make a golf-related appearance on season six of Entourage. FORE!

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