Snoop Dogg is performing 2 miles from Augusta National during the Masters

If you’ve ever wondered the answer to the age-old question: “What is the overlap between Augusta National patrons and Snoop Dogg fans?” you’re about to find out.

Yes, indeed. That’s right, hold on to your gin n’ juice. Snoop Dogg is going to be performing on the front lawn outside the clubhouse of Augusta National Golf Club. Chairman Billy Payne is set to guest on a rendition of “Ladi Dadi” and former chairman Hootie Johnson will return to the public eye, spinning records as only he can for one night only.

But really, not an April Fools Joke here: While Snoop isn’t taking the stage at Augusta National, he is slated to perform in Augusta, Georgia, during the Masters.

Really. Look.

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The Doggfather himself will take the stage at the Country Club Dance Hall and Saloon Wednesday night before the start of the Masters as part of the “Augusta Jam.” (Also not an April Fools joke)

What is the Augusta Jam, you ask? According to the event website:

“Augusta Jam is a celebratory musical event held in the city of Augusta Georgia during the popular Masters Golf Tournament and supports local Augusta community and their charitable initiatives. Augusta Jam merges the musical world of country and hip-hop music, proudly driven to unite cultures and celebrate diversity through golf and music.”

The venue is less than two miles from Augusta National—and it’s conveniently located next to Hooters. Presumably this is the same Hooters John Daly traditionally sets up shop in to sign autographs and sell memorabilia from his RV, so there’s that too.

No word on whether Snoop has grabbed himself a Masters badge. And while you might think he’s more interested in other green substances than green jackets, the rap legend is a Tiger Woods fan at the very least.

Here’s what he said last year about the state of the game.

“The sport of golf is garbage without [Tiger]. Nobody watches it, the ratings went down — it ain’t fly as it used to be. He was the flavor. I mean, he was the seasoning salt. It’s just like some Shake-and-Bake chicken now.”

Well, if we’re going to bring back some seasoning to the game, no better way than a strong turnout from Tour pros at Augusta Jam—perhaps El Tigre himself? Additionally, somebody get Snoop a Masters badge. Please?

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