Dustin Johnson and the 15 weirdest ways pro golfers have hurt themselves

Imagining Dustin Johnson, one of the PGA Tour’s most athletic golfers, tumbling shoeless down the stairs of his rental home “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up-style” is a strange image.

Perhaps it’s a testament to Johnson’s athleticism that he didn’t end up breaking his neck and was at least mobile the day after, arriving at Augusta National to test his ailing back. As we know, he wasn’t able to reach a level of comfort or cobble together a swing that would allow him to compete. DJ withdrew just ahead of his opening-round tee time.

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And while Johnson’s injury isn’t something to make light of, it calls to mind the cornucopia of bizarre accidents that have befallen some of golf’s finest players. Here are some of the strangest injuries from the recent history of this curious game.

Leave it to professional golfers to get hurt in the most bizarre ways. No one will ever forget Rory McIlroy rupturing his ankle before the 2015 British Open and no one will forget Dustin Johnson slipping down a flight of stairs ahead of the 2017 Masters.

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