The horrible truth behind John Daly’s viral video

John Daly crushed a drive off the top of beer can and the crowd goes wild. We’ve seen this party trick before, but we should really be asking ourselves, why are we celebrating this?

Instead of bringing you this clip of JD using a beer can for a tee, whacking a drive with a bevy of LOLs and “Daly being Daly” takes, we’re going another route. Really, folks, this should be an obvious route, but it’s a path few seem willing to travel because, hey, drunk John Daly in his technicolor Loudmouth gear is damn entertaining.

Entertaining, yes, but John Daly is also an alcoholic. This is confirmed. He’s been to rehab for alcohol abuse at least twice and has been encouraged by the PGA Tour to seek counseling for alcohol-related problems a reported seven times.

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In recent years, Daly has suggested he doesn’t drink anymore, but this is obviously not true. Consider his social media sit-down with Andrew “Beef” Johnston, Daly was drinking the whole time. While there are different schools of thought about how best to treat addiction, almost all agree that complete abstinence from the offending substance is vital.

So there’s something troubling about the golf world laughing at/cheering on/pulling out their camera phones for an alcoholic blasting a drive off a beer can, then giggling as he tip-toes over to pick the overturned can up for a sip.

It’s also troubling to see every major golf outlet present the clip like it’s merely a fun guy having a good time. Closer to a heroin addict relapsing with a needle in his arm than spring break revelry, really. So tune in for the John Daly Show. Watch the clip, by all means. But remember, the man is an alcoholic. And when we in the golf world applaud and encourage, don’t we also enable?

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And a final reminder, not that it should be necessary. Alcoholism is a real and horrific thing. Just listen to what John Daly himself had to say.

‘My father was an alcoholic, he used to beat me and my brother for no reason,’ Daly told the Dan Patrick Show. ‘A lot of times we needed it – that’s when mom whooped us. But I didn’t ever understand why I’d just get hit for no reason. I’ve been through hell. In 2001 right before my mom died my dad pulled a gun on me. Luckily my brother was there to save him shooting me. He was drunk and that’s a nightmare I never forget.’”

Ultimately, if you’re a John Daly fan, then, don’t laugh at and retweet his beer-bashing clip, send him a tweet saying you’re concerned instead.

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