Rory McIlroy to wed this weekend; no cold feet mentioned

Rory McIlroy is tying the knot this weekend. McIlroy and fiancee Erica Stoll will marry on Saturday, April 22 at historic Ashford Castle in Ireland.

And perhaps even more interestingly for golf fans, McIlroy revealed he would have worn the green jacket down the aisle, had he won the Masters.

“It’s a great time in my life and it would have been nice to walk down the aisle in the green jacket.” he told reporters.

The 27-year-old’s guest list is expected to include the biggest names in golf, and the multi-millionaire has reportedly spent copious amounts of money on the festivities. Odds Niall Horan from One Direction is in attendance, possibly even by his side? Pretty good.

McIlroy and Stoll have enjoyed the comforts of Ashford Castle before, spending the last two New Year’s there. Rory had all but confirmed the wedding was imminent after the Masters.

“It’s all about that over the next couple of weeks and I’ll come back at the Players refreshed and a married man and start a new chapter in my life.”

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With the wedding, golf fans will hope McIlroy puts the cold feet chapter of his life behind him. In 2014, he called off his engagement to Caroline Wozniacki…after the invitations had been sent. McIlroy said at the time he realized he “wasn’t ready for all that marriage entails.”

And for the curious, the five-star Ashford Castle is spectacular. Site of the filming of the 1952 John Wayne film, The Quiet Man, the castle has been a popular haunt for celebrities ever since. Pierce Brosnan also celebrated his wedding at the venue.

Apparently Ashford is no mere, as it seems guests rent out the whole castle and its 83 rooms. The cost? Around $86,333 should you get married during the “low” season (January to March), $108,760 during the “mid” season (April to October), and $138,144 for the “high” season (May to September).

Here are a few photos of the joint, which is a just a bit nicer than a Las Vegas wedding chapel. Just a bit.

As mentioned, golf fans will be keen to see Rory McIlroy wedded and moving on with his life. An end to the the “When will the wedding be/will he make it to the altar?” speculation will only be a good thing for golf. That way, we (and he) can get back to worrying about McIlroy winning majors.

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